Miriam Liskova (SK) – architect
Marian Dusinsky (SK) – architect
Bratislava – Slovakia



Eine Serie von linearen Landschaftsbändern, die auf dem Europan Gebiet und darüber hinaus implantiert werden, bietet die Möglichkeit einer langfristig angelegten Restrukturierung des gesamten Gebiets. Indem die Freiraumfiguren den figurativen Schwerpunkt setzen, kann der Freiheitsgrad der an den Landschaftsbändern liegenden “Cluster-Streetscape” maximiert werden. Damit wird ein denkbar einfacher Entwicklungsprozess initiiert.

"The project suggests an overall landscape strategy introducing strips of landscape on several locations in the surroundings and on the project and study site area. In general the jury highly appreciates the landscape approach as a strategy to create structure and identity without restricting too much the built development along the landscaped strips.

At certain locations the simple systematic system turns out to be too schematic: the orientation and configuration of the strips on the Europan site do not convincingly connect to the train stop, a fact which can easily be improved in the future steps of implementation. The arrangement of a sequence of generic building-islands along the green strips allow for a maximum of variety in the built development with a convincing spatial syntax.

Therefore it is easily possible to react on different types and a certain range of density within the system (it shall be tested if it is possible to reach the density given in the competition brief). The project is highly adaptable, and offers stable qualities through a certain robustness: being rather a promising scheme than a fully detailed design the open future of Siemens can be easily embedded." (excerpt & paraphrase of the jury minutes)