E12-13 Inter-Sessions Forum
22.09.2014 - 27.09.2014
Pavia (IT)
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Europan, together with the Università degli Studi di Pavia (Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture) organizes a Forum for the E12 wining teams (winners & runners-up) and the E12 and E13 site representatives.
The Inter-Sessions Forum sets up the meeting between the E12 actors (cities, juries and winning teams) and the E13 actors (new cities) during a common event that ends up one session and opens the other. The Forum is divided into three specific sequences (EUROPAN EUROPE):
  • - 22-25.09.2014 – WORKSHOP: "PAVIA, AN ADAPTABLE CAMPUS CITY?", open to the 106 E12 winning teams (winners & runners-up) to develop their winning ideas as "European teams". The session topic –"The Adaptable City"– is applied to the university city of Pavia: how can we make 20,000 students and 70,000 inhabitants live together? After which rhythms and what type of sharing? OPEN TO THE E12 WINNERS AND RUNNERS-UP
  • - 26.09.2014 – FORUM: "WHICH IMPLEMENTATIONS FOR E12?", including lectures on the ongoing processes following the previous sessions and debates around the E12 implementation processes that might take place or have already begun. OPEN TO ALL PARTICIPANTS
  • - 27.09.2014 – WORKING GROUPS: "WHICH SITES FOR E13?", including debates around the preselection of the sites for the new session. This Forum is open for the E12 and E13 sites representatives only; the goal is to improve the site strategies linked to common themes and open up a discussion at the European level. We will try to finalise the issues and the sites program frameworks involving the cities, urban representatives and promotors favouring the sharing of a common culture between the different partners. OPEN TO THE E12 & E13 REPRESENTATIVES
Photos © Europan Österreich & Adolf Andel